High-impulse products are our specialty.

Combining up-to-date tech products with all of the latest trends in the market today.

Novelty Products

Our business system is integrated from design through liquidation. After we create the product, we package it into programs that help our partners sell it and improve their profit margins. Currently these programs include direct import, guaranteed sale, partial service, distributor service or somewhere in between.

We create over 1,000 unique items annually and sell them in all types of retail formats including convenience stores, grocery, big box retailers, redemption centers, catalogs and more. Some of the largest retailers in the world are customers, including Wal-mart, Family Dollar, Walgreens, Coremark, Justice, Claire’s, Circle K, Jo-Ann Fabric, Spencer’s, Hot Topic and Winn Dixie.

The Novelty Product Lifecycle

Concept & Design

Our talented and experienced product development team is a US based group dedicated to designing what’s next for the high-impulse industry. Year after year we create 1000’s of unique products. We design almost every product we sell.


Taking Technology to the Next Level

We are using our new product line to tap into the $50 billion per year U.S. cell phone accessory market.  Our new line is on-trend, packaged in a small footprint and blowing out of stores.  All of these factors have come together to allow our tech product line to generate the highest retail value, per square inch of spaced used, of any products in our history.

Currently, we believe technology products are the key to maximizing sales for our customers.  Because of this, we have worked to position Novelty as the clear category leader in high impulse technology products.  The ability of our tech line to generate maximum sales in minimum space is getting noticed.  Many of our other customers have commented that our technology based items will be their number one general merchandise category this year.

Trending Right Now

With so many products being created everyday by our product development team, trends are constantly being studied and identified. Below are just some of the products we have created that are trending in the industry this very moment.