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Operating for Over 35 Years

Celebrating over 35 years of business, Novelty has grown from a printed apparel business into a product development company.

We start with ideas and transform them into product, designing almost all the products that we sell.

We pride ourselves on understanding trends in the market place and creating products that incorporate those trends.

After we create the product, we package it into programs that help our partners sell it and improve their profit margins.

We sell our products in all types of retail formats including convenience stores, grocery and more.

Trending Today

Taking our talented product development team and mixing it with our experience in high-impulse products, we have created a line of products that reflect the top trends in the market place today.  A big part of being a high-impulse product company is being able to follow what trends are going around.  Today, this includes tech.

We have created an extensive line of impulse tech products that are packaged in a small footprint with cost per square inch in mind.  The Novelty tech accessories are poised to become the store staples of the future.

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